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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Bika Co:Lab Journal!

 Karina Lukmito

Karina L. Cheung
Bika Living Managing and Creative Director

Since our company's humble beginning relationships with others a with a small sofa workshop in 1972 to our current position as one of Indonesia's leading furniture maker, creating well-made furniture objects for our clients' residential and commercial projects has always been the constant force in our company's guiding principle.


Our founder of Bika, always said that we have to make furniture with souls. That our passion in designing and creating is a part of the furniture that we create for our customers. If the products are made with care and attention, whoever sees it will be able to understand it. That spirit or soul, that conversation gets translated from the maker to the customers.  


Fast forward to 2020, the world changed into an unprecedented realm. We spent more time at home, we look for meaningful relationships with others and also with ourselves. These changes in the way we live kickstarted our latest project called Bika Co:Lab. A creative hub where we work with designers and artists that share the same philosophy and outlook. With those who appreciate design, fine craftsmanship and natural materials.


We invite you to explore and enjoy our inaugural collection called "Luscious Living", wonderfully designed by our friends, Santi Alaysius and Hamphrey Tedja from DMDIO, a multi-disciplinary design consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We hope that this collection will bring Indonesia's design and furniture production to be at par with the world's leading furniture brands.


So, sit back and relax, we welcome you to share and indulge in our passion for Living Well. Welcome Home!




Remember the time when we were young, stepping into a sandbox, we met new friends, and built sandcastles together. The feeling of excitement, creating something together, discovering the unexpected. This inspires us to create Bika Co:Lab.


Co:Lab is a space where dreamers meet makers. As a maker, Bika collaborates with other artists, designers, and creatives in the language of mutual appreciation for well-made objects. It is a testing ground for designers to reach a place they've never been before. A safe haven for unconventionalideas and experimentation for a different way of looking at things.


Co:Lab is about finding homegrown talents, pushing boundaries and redefining what can possibly be done to elevate Indonesian products in the global market.

Beside: Co:Lab as a space where dream, ideas, vision and design, meet resource, method and craftmanship.


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