One on One – Bika Living
Amidst the modern-day bustling commotion, we find our true self residing at a place we call home, where comfort comes in many forms. Comfort, however different from a person to another, becomes a universal definition of absolute luxury. One on one as the maker and designer, Bika and DMDIO sit down for a chat about all things leisure, luxury, and living lusciously.

When and how did Bika and DMDIO meet?

Tell us your impression of each other.

BIKA: It was in 2014 at Bazaar Art Jakarta where selected galleries are to collaborate with furniture showrooms. Rachel Gallery at the time picked Bika and Domisilium Studio to design the space where the gallery showcased artists they represented.

DMDIO: It was like matchmaking. We knew Bika beforehand but it happened so that we had a chance to work together.

How was it, working together for the first time?

BIKA: It led to unexpected results. I think what's interesting is that Domisilium Studio experimented with how wood paneling can be, playing with colors and shapes. We realized both Bika and Domisilium Studio are actually playful people and we just pushed each other to the maximum.

DMDIO: Bika somewhat challenged us to design something playful, different, and difficult. So we gave them something difficult! And then we tried to work with the furniture Bika was representing. It was so fun we forgot we hadn't eaten that day and came home late. So that was the first time we worked with each other and when we found out that Bika is that playful.

What is your vision of the finer things in life?

BIKA: For me, it equals to living well. If you know how to live well, you'll know how to surround yourself with the finer things in life. But not just objects, it could be relationships with others, how you approach work, or even the relationship with yourself. It really comes down to yourself first, that vision and the want to live well. Therefore, your surroundings will follow that philosophy.

DMDIO: Finer things in life would be 'not pretentious'. It should be a quality that you can enjoy, and to intertwine that idea in daily life while not limiting it for special occasions. Essentially, they support you with a better quality of life.

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